March of the Crocus - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD - Single

March of the Crocus - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD - Single

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Amidst the cold and frozen earth there lives a little seed. A crocus seed. Though the snow is still on the ground and spring has not yet sprung, there's a tenacious appetite to push forward and up. To rise above the anger, the darkness, and the cold which envelopes it and us for months, I'm sure it seems like years.

When darkness comes, it comes in different ways. Sometimes sneaky where shadows crawl slowly and fear reaches out with tendrils like a demon. Sometimes it's instant like a car crash or a bomb. Whichever way the evil of night tries to steal our hearts and hopes, I believe strongly in each of us, there is a tenacious hope, like the crocus, we rise slowly, somehow seeming to defy the chills and shocked cries of, "hey! you're out-of-season". We have the audacity to fight when we should stay down. We ignore the stares and judgments of those who, like crabs in a bucket, will pull you back in as you try to escape and change your future. 

It's the little things in life which show us the way more than the monumental, "shout it from the mountaintops" moments. This little flower appeared on my FB page one late winter day and I marveled at it's beauty and it's tenacity to defy the odds, the voices of doubt, from within and without, and push through, once again for the joy and sheer pleasure of just doing whatever the hell it wants to do. Life is short. Live it hard and love it hard. Don't listen to the haters and doubters. The trolls will have their day and their just crabs trying to pull you back into the bucket, trying to force you to be like everyone else. Fight! Fight hard! Make your way through it all for the joy of it and for those who would follow behind you. I wish you well on your journey through the earth.