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Ted Yoder Music

Stream on Demand Fall Concert from The Orchard

Stream on Demand Fall Concert from The Orchard

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Had a rough day?

Need something to calm your anxieties?

Craving some beautiful, soothing music?

We know what it's like to need a reset button. Here at Ted Yoder Music we prepared a brand new Fall concert just for you. Filmed in our Orchard, just as the leaves are beginning to turn, this is a beautiful moment to rest and cast off your worries for a bit.

Check your cares at the door, grab something refreshing to drink and join us for an evening of laughter, music and rest.

  • One ticket lets your whole house watch the show
  • No lines, no crowds and no masks required
  • A unique set list to celebrate the Fall season!

Why wait to get your dose of calming music?

Gather your loved ones and let's meet in the living room for some fun and relaxation! 

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